Denise Faith Garrison b. April 30, 1971 (Anaheim Memorial Hospital, Orange County, CA)

The following stories/pictures are of my only child, a daughter, Denise. I have tried to piece together the chronological stages of her life. As you will see, Denise got her mother's looks, not mine!



Baby Denise (Theresa & Degar) 1971

Denise's Early Years

Theresa & Denise (1971)
Baby Denise
Denise's Crib
Denise in crib (1970)
Denise at Mom's in Los Alamitos (1971)
Theresa & Denise
Theresa & Denise

Denise the "House Climber" (Salt Lake City) 1974

This is one of many stories that I will tell regarding my daughter, Denise's early life. On this particular occasion Theresa, Denise and Yours truly had driven to SLC (Salt Lake City) to visit with Paco & Kathy at their Laird Street address. It wasn't too long after we had arrived when a 3-year-old Denise went missing. A search party was formed and I took the backyard, when I hear a faint call of distress coming from above. I nearly had a heart-attack when I looked up and saw Denise straddling the top of this two-story house. I told her not to move and she did exactly that, whereupon, I retrieved her and in doing so, we learned an important lesson in parenting: always expect the unexpected! I forgot about Paco who was looking in the front-yard and who had one of Denise's shoes fall at his feet, but, by this time I had a firm grip on her arm and was taking her off the roof. Holy sh*t, we dodge a bullet on that one! The photo below is that of the roof that Denise climbed and conquered at the tender age of three! 

Paco & Kathy's House (1130 Laird Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah) 1974

More of Denise's Early Years

Denise at 4-years (we had a Roots Group Automobile; more specifically, a Hillman)
Early Photo of Denise
Degar & Denise at Mama's House in Taft, CA (Summer of '79)
Denise & Theresa at Mama's house in Taft, CA
Denise (Summer of '79 in Taft, CA) "Mama's House"
Denise & Patricia (1979 Bakersfield, CA)
Denise with Teddy!
Denise at 15-years
Denise (maybe 16?)
Denise's Junior Prom
Denise Senior Prom
Denise's Senior Picture

Denise's Later Years

Denise Montage by Degar
Denise Christmas Fullerton, CA (2002)
Degar & Denise (2002) Fullerton, CA
Denise, Mama & Degar (2002)
Denise & Mom (2002)
Denise & Mama (2003)
Denise Christmas 2003
Denise & Degar (Christmas 2003)
Denise & Mom (2003)
Chris, Denise, & Mom (Christmas 2003)

Denise with family photos:

Denise, Chris & Sam
Denise & Sam #1
Denise & Sam #2
Denise & Sam #3
Denise & Sam #4
Denise & Sam #5
Denise & Sam #6
Sam #7
Denise & Sam #8
Denise & Sam #9 (Christmas 2011)
Denise & Sam #10 (2-5-12)
Denise & Sam (5-2-12)
Denise, Chris & Sam
The Ceja Family