Degar's Family Tree

In this link I will introduce both sides of my family, i.e., Anderson & Garrison (and a few in-betweens). The following is a pictorial review of what I could find regarding the early years of both families. I will add to this link as I obtain additional photos. Enjoy the "eye-glide" down memory lane.



The Anderson/Coneley Connection

My Great Grandmother, Mrs Conley, Grandmother, Eileen "Jerry" (Conley) Anderson, Mother, Kathleen Lois "Bunny" Anderson and my Grandfather, Frank Oscar Anderson
Papa Frank, my Great Grand-Mother and my uncle, Ed Anderson in the '30s

Kathleen Lois "Bunny" Anderson (Garrison)

Mother at 2-years old! #1 (1928)
Mother at 2-years of age! #2 (1928)
Mom at 3-years in Maricopa, CA #3 (Mom's' chum unknown)
Mother in her early-teens (circa 1940-42) "Saddle Shoes" and all!
Mom holding me; she is 17-years old, or recently turned 18 (1944)
Mom & Dad very early on!
Mom & Dad at Papa Frank's gas-station in Maricopa, California (I am the bump in Mom's dress) 1943
Mom at 31 (Photo taken by Jackie McLean)
Mom on Catalina Island (1996)
Mom & Lucy on Catalina Island
Mom & Lucy at JFK Museum (1995)
Mom & Denise (Christmas 2002)
Degar & Mom (Thanksgiving 2002)
Degar & Mom (Thanksgiving 2003)
Mom & friends!

Frank Oscar Anderson

"Papa Frank" & Mom at the Station (late 30s)

Eileen Noreen "Jerry" Anderson

"Mama Jerry" pumping gas at their gas station in Maricopa, CA (early 40s)
Mama Jerry Holding Mom (1926)
"Mama Jerry"
"Mama Jerry" (Christmas 1983)
"Mama Jerry" (Christmas 1983)

Eileen Noreen Conley Anderson R.I.P. (Mama)

Elieen Noreen "Jerry" Conley Anderson

Frank Oscar Anderson R.I.P. (Papa)

Frank Oscar Anderson

The Garrison/Cooper Connection

Mama & Papa, Alvis (Father) & Uncle Ralph

George Washington Garrison (Degar's Great-Grandfather)

George Washington Garrison

Delbert Thomas Garrison

Papa & Mama (Taft, CA 1960s)
Papa 1st Plane Flight!

Neta Paralee Cooper Garrison (aka: "Mama")

A very young; Mama
Mama: "struting her stuff!"
Mama & Papa on Eastern Street
Mama, Jeannie Cooper, ("Young & Restless") her son, Corben Bernstein at Mama's 90th Birthday Party! )
Mama & Corben Bernstein (90th Birthday Party)
Mama with a cigarette?
Summer, Susie & Mama
Mama at 102-years old!
Dad, Ralph , Tia Jeannine & Mama (2002))
Mama at 104-years of age!
R.I.P. "Mama" & "Papa"

Alvis Warren "Red" Garrison

Dad at 19-years of age and in the USN
Dad & PBY Crew (Dad is top left in the South Pacific -1945)
Dad & Dick Parris
Mom & Dad (1945)
Mom & Dad's Pad on the Pier (1944)
Garrison Brothers Auto Sale Ad (mid-40s)
Dad & June in Hawaii
Red & June
Dad & June
Dad & JJ O'Brien at "Terrible's"
Dad & Liza (Puhrump, NV) 2008
Freddie, Liza & Dad
Dad, Marilyn & Gary (Bend, OR 2006)
Mom & Dad (this is a rare one!)
L to R: Dad, Barbara, Dick, Mom & Uncle Ralph (2006)
Dad's Pad in Pahrump

Floyd Ralph Garrison (1921 - 2011)

Ralph (upper right)

                                               Floyd "Ralph" Garrison


Ralph & Mom (2004)
Ralph Garrison on phone in Mom's Mobile Home Park (2005)
Mom & Ralph (Thanksgiving 2003)
Mom & Ralph (Thanksgiving 2003)
Ralph & Mama
Ralph, Bobby G & Mom (Terminal Island)