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  • Barry Bescos (Friday, September 07 12 01:36 am EDT)

    Remember when yo, Ron D, Preach, and I all had apartments upstairs at the Seal Beach Butcher shop Memories, Bare

  • Brian Gooch (Tuesday, June 26 12 11:13 pm EDT)

    Degar and I go way back, this book brings it all back in focus with the pike and pier, the bay..... gotta love growing up in Long Beach in the 50-60's.. keep writing Degar, I CAN DIG IT.

  • Paulaine "Lainey" Dummit (formerly Deats) (Friday, March 09 12 05:16 pm EST)

    Degar...can't tell you how much I enjoyed this peek into your life! Seeing all
    the faces I knew in high school just blew me away. I can hardly wait to read
    all the stories you have to tell. We all have stories, don't we? I'm glad you took the time to write yours down.

  • Dennis Wilkes (Thursday, February 02 12 06:31 pm EST)

    Good documentary! Makes me wish I had held on to all the old photos. I shot the pics of John Clayton & Paco. Don't know if you knew that John is gone as well as Paco. John's sister Kathy emailed
    me several months ago. That was difficult news...John & I were very tight.
    *no website; <> is my work site. Go to Art Dept., Design, then Design again...I'm there.

  • Marilyn Tremblay (Sunday, January 01 12 06:42 pm EST)

    My goodness you are really getting into this computer building of your life! Wishing you continued success in all the angles of your endeavor. May you be blessed. Thanks for sharing.

  • Larry Gorman (Friday, December 30 11 03:33 pm EST)

    You're a better man than I Degar! I have to say...Well Done! You're truly an Odd Duck! Great job on everthing! A real JOY and I'm Lucky to be your friend for over 50 years!

  • Robert W Garrison (Thursday, December 22 11 09:52 pm EST)

    Looking good Degar! I read your book and had a blast reliving old memories. I'm looking forward to further stories and escapades.
    Love Ya Brother.
    Bobby G