My Hobbies

At this stage in my life I have only a few interests that I would consider hobbies. Number one on my list is NHRA Drag Racing in which I have had a running love affair with, since my Father took my younger brother, Bobby G and Yours truly to the opening day at LADS (Lion Associated Drag Strip) which was located on the westside of Long Beach. The date was October 9, 1955; I was just 11-years old. In the early 60’s a couple of friends and I built two gasoline-powered dragsters, which we raced at the local tracks and I might add; with little success. Regardless of our “win-less stature,” the camaraderie between us, as well as the two-construction projects were without a doubt; some of the best times of my young life!






Lions Associated Drag Strip (Long Beach, California)

The "Freight-Train" AA/GD (Lions Associated Drag Striip)

The "Winged Express" AA/FA

"Winged Express" at Indy (2005)
Alvin "Mousie" Marcellus' record jacket for his race-car the "Winged Express"
"Mousie" Marcellus & Degar (Christmas 2005)
"Winged Express" Logo (Photo by Degar)
Fron View of the "Winged Express"

Front View of the "Winged Express"

"Mousie" & Degar (Banning, CA 2005)
The "Blue Room" ("Mousie" seated first on left)
"Wild Willie" Sideways (Bob McClure's famous shot of the "Wing")
"Winged Express" at Famoso Raceway
"Mousie" Marcellus & "Iron Mike" Boyd (driver of the "Wing")

A Photo Montage of Drag Racings' "Days of Yore"

Art & Walt Arfon's "Green Monster"
"World Finals" (1970)
"The Frantic Four" BF/D (Rivero, Weekly, Fox & Holding)
"The Frantic Four"
The "Money Olds" (Lefty Muddersbach)
Art Chrisman & Frank Cannon's "Huster"
"Big Daddy's" AF/C
A Very Young "Big Daddy"
"Phoney-Baloney" Hoax Photo!
Greer, Black & Prudhomme AF/D vs Bill Fredrick's "Valkerie Jet"
"Big Daddy's" Explosion at LADS

The "Howard Cam Special" (aka: "Twin-Bear) AA/GD

Jack Chrisman & Jerry Johansen with the "Twin-Bear"
Jack Chrisman in Howard Johansen's "Twin-Bear"
Howard Cam "Twin Car" (Jerry Johansen pulling wrenches)
"Twin Bear" on tour!

Chris "The Crazy Greek" Karamisines (1st driver to exceed 200mph in Alton, IL circa: 1959/60)

The "Greek" boilin' those hides!
The "Greek's Beast" (Karamisines & Maynard)

Gary Cagle (AF/D)

Gary "One-Bun" Cagle BF/D

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