Computers and the Internet

I was basically a late comer into the computer age, as I didn't get my first computer until 1999 with my introduction to "cyber-space" coming via the "Web-TV." After 6-months I upgraded to my first legitimate computer, which was an E-Machine, which promptly proceeded to fail, as the hard-drive decided to head south! After being lost in transit for two months I finally got the unit back and amazingly enough it lasted for three-years!


My second computer was a Compaq and like it predecessor it also lasted about three-years. That was to be my last PC, as I made the switch to the lap-top. I have had five of them to date. I am currently using a Gateway and have been for two-years and it is working great! In fact I wrote the first book and I am halfway its sequel and with nary a problem. I am starting a computer class (Microsoft Office) in the spring semester at LBCC, (Long Beach City College) which should help me in my writing endeavors.  Best regards.



"Couldn't leave well enough alone!"
Degar's Computer Station (2005)
"Behind The Scenes!"
Degar's Compurter Station ("Winged Express" on monitor)
Degar's back-up lap-top on bed!
Degar's 1st Lap Top
First Lap Top & Cam-Corder (2006)
Specs for Toshiba Laptop (my first laptop)
Tricked-out stand for Laptop #1
Tricked-out stand for Laptop #2
Tricked-out stand for Laptop #3
Living-room set up!
Degar's Computer Station in the Cave!