Drag Racing Photo Gallery From The 60s - 70s - 80s

About twenty or so years ago there began a phenomena of nostalgia drag racing going back to race-car of the 60s, 70s and 80s at drag strips throughout the country. I will post photos from the Fairplex in Pomona and the Famoso Raceway in McFarland (aka: Bakersfield). I began going to the latter two venues in the late 50s and I continue to go today. I have fond memories over a span of fifty-years while attending the drag races. Can you dig it?

Dunn & Reath AF/C
AM/FR ("A" modified fuel altered)
Boyd Pennington AF/R (Bakersfield's Famoso Raceway 1963)
Willie Colburn AA/MFC
Early pioneer Calvin Rice at the Santa Ana drag strip; I think? Or maybe an early Pomona track?)

Don "the Snake" Prudhomme & Tom "the Mongoose" McEwen were early pioneers in the sport of professional drag-racing; more specifically, the "Funny Car" division

The Snake Goose & Goose (a long time ago!)
The "Goose" & The "Snake" (45-years later!)
Benny Osborn AF/D "The Wizard"
Doug Thorley'a AF/C
Doug Thorley's AF/C Crashes
A Very Young John "don't call me bashful" Force (or is it Jackie Lee?)
Gary "Scratch" Gabelich AF/C
Gary "Scratch" Gabelich AF/C #2
Roland Leon's "Hawaiian" AF/C
Frank Hawley AF/C
Jack Williams (Hilton, Crossley & Williams AF/D)
Jim Head ('84 Nationals)
Kenny Bernstein AF/C
Joe Pisano AF/C
The Goose's "Hemi-Cuda" at the Beach
Goose's "Hemi-Cuda" Crash at the Beach!
"Pure Hell" Headed For Heaven!

Ted Cyr's "The Lincoln" AF/D

CHRR (2001)
Ted Cyr's "The Lincoln" AF/D (2001) Photo by Degar
Ted Cyr's "The Lincoln" AF/D (2001)

Push-starting Ted Cyr's "The Lincoln" AF/D at CHRR 2001 (that's Degar standing in back of blue push-truck and taking the next picture to come))

Ted Cyr's "The Lincoln" AF/D (2001) Degar standing in back of blue push-truck taking the next photo to come)
Ted Cyr's "The Lincoln" AF/D (this is the aforementioned photo) Photo by Degar
Ted Cyr & Dave Lozonne in Escondido, CA 2003 (Photo by Degar)

Ted Cyr AG/D (1958)

Ted Cry AG/D (1958) Nationials in Indy

Ted Cyr's AF/D

Ted Cyr's With Trophy & Girl! (1959) R.I.P.
Cyr & Hopper AF/D (1959)
Ted Cyr's Last AF/D

More Random Photos:

Sult, Allen & Lozonne AF/D (Fontana Drag Strip 1964)
Blood, Sweat and Nitro!
Eddie Hill's Twin-Pontiacs (203mph on gasoline)
E. J. Potter ("Ohio Mad Man!")
Ed Eskenderian (Cam-grinder Extraordinaire)
"Frantic Four" AF/D (Rivero, Weekly, Fox & Holding)
"Flamin' Frank" Pedreron AF/MR
Gary Gabelich in the Beach City Chevolet AF/C
"Jungle Jim" Liberman AF/C
Ed Lenard's "Holy Toledo" AF/C
Mooneyham & Sharp AF/C
"Nanook" AF/A
Speed Sport Roaster AF/R
Zuechel, Moody & Fuller (Bakersfield 1963)
Double Wheel Strand (Zuechel, Moody & Fuller)
The "Greek" and JC in the "Sidewinder" (Famoso Raceway)
A Fuel Roadster (San Gabiel Drag Strip 1962)

Tom "The Goose" McEwen & "Big Frank" Canon (where's the cigar, Frank?)

The "Goose" and "Big Frank" Canon (what, no cigar, Frank?)

Alvin "Mousie" Marcellus & his "Winged Express"

"Winged Express" Flyer #1
"Winged Express" Flyer #2
"Winged Express" on the cover of Hot Rod Magazine ("Wild Willie" drove with one hand!)
"Wild Willie" AA/FA
"Winged Express" - All Crossed-UP! (Mousie gave me this photo to copy out of his wallet)
"Wild Willie" & Sush
Mousie & Willie a long, long time ago! That "Pop Pollacia" in the middle (father of drag-boat racer, Dennis Pollacia)