"The Fishing Hole"

In my youth I loved to go fishing with my now late, Grandfather, "Papa Frank." Papa had an electric cart (more like a little pickup truck) that we would take to the Belmont Pier from his house on Temple Avenue in Long Beach, CA. Now, Papa had this famous "stink-bait" that he took to the grave with him! And believe me this bait would catch fish; when nobody else could! This was back in the early '50s when there were plenty of "keepers," i.e., Halibut, Jack Melt, and those occasional White Sea Basses (rare). At the time the Belmont Pier did not close, so the "Lobster" and I spent many a night fishing for "Bat-Rays," which is another species not seen locally in decades. I have only a couple of photos to post, however, I have sent out the word that I am looking for any and all photos to incorporate into this fishing link.

Degar's White Sea Bass (1955)

Degar's "The One That Didn't Get Away!"

Degar's Tarpon (Parismina, Costa Rica 2007)

Degar & Tarpon (Costa Rica 2007)
Degar with Jackabeli (Costa Rica)