LADS (Lions Associated Drag Strip)

It all began on October 9th 1955 a day I will always remember that being the opening day of the first sanctioned drag strip in Long Beach and my introduction to something which I fell instantly into love with, (i.e., races from a starting start and covering the distant of 1320 feet) this “need for speed.” Today nearly 56-years later I still have the same enthusiasm as I did that very first day when I was just 11 years of age. This drag strip was the “brain child” of a Long Beach police officer who had envisioned a place for those who chose to “go fast,” but in a much safer venue than the city streets. With the help of local speedster, the now late, Mickey Thompson and the Long Beach City’ Lions Association this concept came to fruition on that chilly and overcast October day. The excerpt read was taken from Chapter 17: LADS (Lions Associated Drag Strip) of the book.



"LADS" Lions Associated Drag Strip (b. 10/9/55 - d. 12/2/72)

The "Snake" at Lions (1964)

Greer, Black & Prudhomme vs "Valkerie" Jet at LADS

Greer, Black & Prudhome vs Bill Fredrick's "Valkerie" Jet Car (Lions Drag Strip) 1964

Jack Chrisman

Jack Chrisman
Howard Cam "Twin-Bear" AA/GD (a beautiful restoration) Original driver: Jack Chrisman

Wright, Pentergast & Garrison AG/D (Lions Drag Strip)

Wright, Pendergast & Garrison (Lions Drag Strip 1964) Driven by Larry "Lil Count" Gorman
Wright, Pentergast & Garrison #2 (photo taken in 1964) Belmont Shore, Long Beach, CA
Wright, Pentergast & Garrison #3 (Terry the Mayor at the helm!) 1964
Wright, Pentergast & Garrison #4 1964 (photo taken in Willie Colburn's garage building the body on the 1st AG/D)

Sult, Allen & Lozonne AF/D (Lions '64)

Allen & Lozonne (Lions Drag Strip) 1964 #1 Montage by Dave Lozonne
Sult, Allen & Lozonne at Lions & Fontana Drag Strip 1964 (Montage by Dave Lozonne)
Sult, Allen & Lozonne AF/D (Lions Drag Strip 1964) Photo by Dave Lozonne
Sult, Allen & Lozonne (Lions Drag Strip) 1964
Allen & Lozonne (Lions Drag Strip) 1964 #3 (L to R) Jim Allen, David Lozonne & Gary Sult

Lions Reporter

Lions Associated Drag Strip #1 (Bob Noice in Accessories Limited BF/D)
Porter & Reis vs "Big" (Lions Drag Strip) #2 1964
Lions Associated Drag Strip #3 (Peters & Frank: "Freight-Train")
Lions Associated Drag Strip #4 (Bob Brooks Wins at Lions)
Lions Associated Drag Strip #6 (Jimmy Dugan AF/D) 1964
"Big Frank" Cannon pops off a Top Eleminator with a winning run of 8.49 E.T., 184.34 mph, April 27, 1963
Directions to LADS (Lions Associated Drag Strip) My thanks to John McCelland for the Lions Reporters
Lions Associated Drag Strip #7
Gary Gabelich in the "Beach City Chevolet" AF/C (not sure if this happened at the "Beach" or not?)
Larry Alvino's "Drummer" AF/C at the Beach (on second thought; I think not)
"Flamin' Frank" Pedregon at the "Beach" AA/MFR
Mineo's AA/FA at the "Beach"
"Days of Yore" (top drag racers of the day!)
Sult, Allen & Lozonne AF/D (1964) Lions Drag Strip