Model Race-Cars Built by Friends

Although I haven't built a model car (stock or race-car) since I was a teenager and the "Lobster" and I strapped a CO2 cartridge  full of match-heads (using rubber bands from our paper routes) onto the model of a '57 Ford Fairline 500 down at the beach parking lot at the foot of Roycroft Avenue. I remember us laughing when the model Ford only jump ahead by about 3-feet! We later discovered that the intense heat from the match-head fuel had melted all the rubber bands that were securing the rocket to the delivery vehicle! Like I said I haven't done any model building of late, but I have a few friends who never grew out the customizing of replica cars. Enjoy these works of art from a smaller scale than the norm.



Scaled Model of "Winged Express"

"Winged Express" AA/FA

GT's Model of a Sideways Dragster

GT's Sideways Car #1
GT's Sideways Car #2
GT's Sideways Car #3
GT's Sideways Car #4
GT's Sideways Car #5

AA/FA (Double "A" Fueled Altered Model)