The Boat Drags

The "boat-drags" were always part of my life (and the "Lobster's") having lived only a few blocks from the famed "Marine Stadium." The "Lobster" and I never once paid to gain entrance in the 25-years or so years that we attended the boat drags, with the final Coors' Nationials being staged in August of '76. Between Lake Ming (Bakersfield, CA) and the Marine Stadium we saw history being made in the sport of boat racing on the "Liquid Quarter-Mile!"

Photos from the Marine Stadium

"Out of Sight" Blown Fuel Hydro (Gary "G.O." Owens at the helm!)
Dwight Bale BF/H
Blown Fuel Hydro (Marine Stadium)
T-Shirt Logo (1975 Drags at the Marine Stadium)
Blown Fuel Hydro at the Marine Stadium (1976)

Degar at Boat Drags in Lake Ming (Bakersfield, CA) 2003

Degar at the boat-drags in Lake Ming (Bakersfield)

More Blown Fuel Hydros

Blown Fuel Hydro
"Plumb Crazy" BF/H
Eddie Hill's "The Texan" BF/H