Degar's Homes: Past & Present

Degar's 1st house in Maricopa, California (Mom's house when she was growing up!) 1944
150 Pomona Avenue (1951) rear-apartment #3
50 Santa Ana Street (1952)
225 Pomona Street (1953-55) downstairs
116 Roycroft Avenue where Mom, Bobby G and I lived from 1955-63
166 1/2 Roycrofts Avenue (the "Lobster" & Family Lived Upstairs) 1950 - Early- 60s
Apartment on Country Club Drive (1963-64) prior to move to Avilis Street in Los Altos
7091 Avilis Ave., Long Beach, CA (1964 & 1967) Dad & June's house in the Los Altos section of Long Beach, California)
332 Eastern Avenue, Taft, CA (Mama & Papa's house, which was my second home at times between 1964-1985; a God sent that I will never forget!)
The Animal Farm (summer of '65)
Shibui Apartments on Sepulveda in Habour City, CA (1965) I stayed here during during my "draft-dodging days!"
The "El Patio" motel on Western Avenue at Rosecrans (rumor had it that it was a house of ill repute!) early in 1966 and it was the only place that I ever lived that had a "cocktail louge!"
Apartment on Western Avenue off of El Segundo (1966)
Hellman & Cerritos Pad ($57.50 a month) May-July 1967
Hellman & Cerritos Pad #2 (my flat was upstairs in the back) typical "hippie-pad" (1967)
House on "Top of the World" (Laguna Beach, CA Summer/Winter of 1967)
"Little Dennis" and I lived in the upstairs-corner apartment above "Foods of the World" in Seal Beach (Summer 1968)
The Bennett Street pad where Theresa and I had this down-stairs single-flat for $70 a month; including utilities! I remember Ms. Jenkins was a very nosy land-lady! (Summer of 69)

"Wedding Bells"

Theresa and I married on October 12, 1969 (Columbus Day) in Las Vegas, Nevada and the day after the wedding we departed in a 1957 Plymouth that I had paid $20 for and headed off for New York City and an awaiting USS United States ocean-liner for a cruise to Europe on "Her" final voyage. Unfortunately, I am not privy at this time to the photos that were taken on the voyage as well as the European honeymoon.



1st place Theresa & I lived at 325 Cherry Avenue (upper right) on our return from our European honeymoon (excluding a short stint in NYC)
Degar, Theresa & Baby Denises' house in Sunny Hills (1972-73)
Degar & Family Home (1973-74) Taft, CA (30-years hasn't been kind to this rental-house)
Degar & Familys' Pad in Ford City, CA (boy "Father-Time" was not kind to these structures!) 1973-74
The last place Theresa, Denise & I lived before we divorced in 1976.

Post Divorce Housing: 1976-2013

Madrid Street House in Bakersfield (1976)