My Family & Friend's Dogs

Alice da Dog!

Degar & Alice the dog (1998) Cache Ranch

The "Peanut" (Mom's dog-watching ward from our neighbors the Thompsons')

The "Peanut"
Mom & "Peanut"
A wee bit of girth?
"What a Ham!"
"Get this thing off me!"
"Merry Christmas"
"Just Kickin' it!"

The Parris' "Rocky," "Gypsy" & "Lilly"

The "Rock"
Rocky, Gypsy & Lilly

Mogens' Dog: "Ringo"

Mogens' Dog: "Ringo"
"Ringo" #2
"Ringo" #3
"Ringo" #5

Esteban's: "Muncha" on the beach in Playa Carbuyal, Tilaran, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Estban, Susan, Yeyo & "Muncha" (Playa Caruyal)
Susan & Muncha (La Playa Carbuyal 2007)
Susan & Muncha #2