People, Places & Things

Montage of Costa Rica (2006)
Montage of the "Lobster"
"Elephant Walk" Cortland 109 (Donald Jenkins & the Delighters)
Montage of Degar
Degar a long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away! (1977)
Mogens' 1954 Buick (sometime in the mid-sixties)
116 Roycroft Avenue:"The One That Didn't Get Away!" (an 11-years old; Degar) What I really do remember is that "Night-Blooming Jasmine" (next to me) and its pungent aroma on warm summer nights!
The "Beisball" at the steps of The Riverside Casino (Laughlin, NV) 2006
Bob Burn's at Crow's Bar (1996) R.I.P.
Chauncey Howard Ray (1944-1972) R.I.P.
Chales "Chic" Culp 1949-2001 (R.I.P.)
Degar & The Grand Teton
"These were the heavy-hitters in the early sixties!"
The "Rumblers" (BOSS) 1962
Degar & Denise (my daugther) Christmas 2002
"Beisball Bob" hits a "Royal-Flush" in Jean, Nevada (2000)

Bob "Coop" Cooper (Saxophonist Extraordinaire!)

Bob "Coop" Cooper & Conte Condoli
Bud Shank & Bob "Coop" Cooper
Bob "Coop" Cooper playing with Bill Holman's Big Band (1990) Photo by Degar
Degar & "Coop" (Christmas 1990) Photo by Degar

"June Christy" Cooper

The "Misty Miss Christy" ("June Christy" Cooper) Photo by Degar
"June Christy" Cooper #1
"June Christy" Cooper #2
"June Christy" Cooper #3

Degar & Shay Christy Cooper (1990)

Degar & Shay Chisty Cooper (1990)

Larry & Freddie: the two "Too Talls!" (Feburary 2009)

The Two: "Too Talls!" (Larry & Freddie) 2009
A Very Young Jerry Quarry!
"School Boy" Bobby Chacon & Danny "Little Red" Lopez (Boxing Hall of Fame Banquet)
Ernie "Indian Red" Lopez, Howie Steinler and "Little Danny" Lopez
Main Street Gym #1
Main Street Gym #2

The Cache Ranch (Tetonia, ID) 1998

The Cache School (1901-1951) and my home.
The Cache Ranch #1 (Tetonia, ID) My bedroom was those two-windows upper right.
The Cache Ranch (main house) 1998
The Cache Barn (death-trap)
The Cache Ranch (back yard)
The Cache Ranch (yours truly in bedroom)
Fall at the Cache Ranch (1998)
Carol & Bob Fitzgerald (Bob is the "Cache Ranch" Manager)))

Degar & Shay's Newport Street Apartment (1988-92)

Degar & Shay's Apartment (1988)
Degar & Shay's Front Room
Degar & Shay's Bedroom (if you look real close you just may see an "odd duck!")
Degar & Shay's Bedroom Wall Display
Degar & Shay's Kitchen
Shay in Front Room (1988)
Degar at Newport Street Apartment (1988)
A Young "Lobster" (circa 1970)