The "Art Deco" Theaters of Long Beach

Brayton Theater (Long Beach)
Belmont Theater on 2nd Street between St. Joseph and Argonne Avenues
Cabart Theater located on Anahein at Junipero Street
Dale Theater (Long Beach)
The Stanley Theater later to become the Roxy (Long Beach in the mid-forties)
Crest Theater (Long Beach) Altantic Boulevard between Bixby Road and Carson Avenue
West Coast & Imperial Theaters (Long Beach)
Ebell Theater (Long Beach) 1933 Earthquake
Ebell Theater (2011)
Artist's Conception of the Egyptian Theater in Long Beach
LaShell Theater (Long Beach)
Atlantic Theater (today & closed)
The Art Theater located at 4th & Cherry Avenue in Long Beach, CA. (I paid a 10-cent admission in the mid-50s!)

Buildings of note in Long Beach, CA

Hartwell Building (Long Beach)
Long Beach Municipal Auditorium (note Rainbow Pier in backdrop)
Inside of Long Beach Auditorium
The Seaport Marina Hotel 1961-63 (Long Beach, CA)
Hotel Villa Riviera (where's Miss Universe?)
Masonic Hall (Long Beach)
Y.M.C.A. (6th & American Avenue)
Pacific Coast Club on Ocean Boulevard (Long Beach)

Additional Landmarks of Long Beach, California

#1 (Bank of America on Pine Avenue and is currently "The Vault" Night Club))
#2 Ted Bommer and I would catch the bus for Lions Drag-Strip on the corner of 3rd and American
#3 Eatery at the foot of the Bluffs." I suspect Cherry Beach or near by!
#4 Linden Beach (note Rainbow Pier off in the distance)
#5 "Standing on the corner watching all the girls go by!" (4th & American Avenue)
#7 (Hanger Fire at the Long Bach Airport)
#8 (Pacific Avenue Apartment Building)
#8 Apartments on either 1st or 2nd Street (speculation at best on my part!)
#10 Cherry Beach
#11 The Bluffs along Ocean Boulevard near the Long Beach Museum of Art (note the Devil's Gate Pier aka: Belmont Pier and the Seal Beach Powerplant off in the distance)
#12 ( Note the Bluffs off in the distance)
#13 An unfinished Gerald Desmond bridge circa 1964
#14 Army & Navy Store Downtown Long Beach
#15 Station Location unknown
#16 The Alamitos Bay at Christmas Time) #1 (Note Signal Hill off in the distance)
#17 The Alamitos Bay at Christmas Time #2 (Check out the old Chriscraft Cabin-Cruiser!)
#18 Under the State Theater on Ocean Boulevard & Pine Avenue
#19 Old hotel on Ocean Boulevard
#20 (self-explanatory!)

"Skinny House" in Long Beach, CA (north of 7th Street on Gladys Avenue)


The aptly nicknamed Skinny House at 708 Gladys Avenue (corner of 7th Street) in the Rose Park neighborhood of Long Beach, California, United States is a narrow three-story house that has been cited by both the Guinness Book of World Records and Ripley's Believe It or Not as the nation's skinniest house.


The yellow-stuccoed Tudor style house was built on a lot measuring 10 feet (3.0 m) by 50 feet (15 m) in 1932 by Nelson Rummond, who received the land as a repayment for a $100 loan one year earlier. He built the 860-square-foot (80 m) house after someone bet him that he could not build a habitable house on such a small lot.

In 1959, it was discovered that the house had leaned 4 inches (100 mm) to the north, and was straightened. The Skinny House is a registered city landmark of Long Beach, California in 1983.

Public interest lawyer William John Cox maintained his law practice in Skinny House between 1977 and 1981, including his prosecution of the Holocaust denial case.

Long Beach "Skinny House" #1
Long Beach "Skinny House" #2
Long Beach "Skinny House" #3

"The Bay" (Alamitos Bay)

Aerial of Alamitos Bay (check out the old float!)

More specifically: "Horney Corner"

"Horney Corner" (Alamitos Bay) 1975
View of Bay Shore Drive
Aerial of Alamitos Bay & Pennsula (note Seal Beach power-plant in back-drop)

The Marine Stadium (Long Beach, CA)

Marine Stadium (upper right elongated body of water)
Marine Stadium Aerial Map (If you are at the red marker; your wet!)
Off shoot of the Alamitos Bay: the Marine Sadium
Boat races at the Marine Stadium #1

Boat races at the Marine Stadium: K-Boats; Cracker-boxes, Hydro-planes

Boat races at the Marine Stadium #1
Boat races at the Marine Stadium #2
Boat races at the Marine Stadium #3
Boat races at the Marine Stadium #4 (Cracker-Boxes)

Boat Drags at the Marine Stadium

"Out of Site" Blown-fuel Hydro (1976) "G.O." at the helm!
Dwight Bale Blown-fuel Hydro
"Lickady-Spilt" Blown-fuel Hydro (Marine Stadium)

The Colorado Lagoon (aka: the "Polio Pit" in the 50s)

Colorado Lagoon (model sail-boat races)
The Whale that was housed at the Colorado Lagoon for many a year)

The "Pike" (Nu-Pike) of days gone by!

The Pike before Disneyland and its demise!
Kathy, "Sunny Sarner from Seal," Degar & Barbara (Pike Summer of '60)
The Pike #1 (Cyclone-Racer)
The Pike #2
The Pike #3 (Jack Rabbit Racer; pre-Cyclone-Racer!)
The Pike #4 (that first dip was a doozy!)
The Pike #5
The Pike #6
The Pike #7
The Pike #8
The Pike #9
The Pike #10
The Pike #11
The Pike #12
The Pike #13
The Pike #14
The Pike #15
The Pike #16 (Pike at night!)
The Pike #17
The Pike #18
The Pike #19

The Pike Plunge

#1 (at times was both salt & clear waters)

Miss Universe Pagent

Miss Universe Pagent #1
Miss Universe Pagent #2
Miss Universe Pagent #3

1933 Earthquake (Long Beach, California)

'33 Earthquake #1
'33 Earthquake #2
'33 Earthquake #3
'33 Earthquake #4 (Jefferson Jr. High?)
'33 Earthquake #5
'33 Earthquake #6
'33 Earthquake #7
'33 Earthquake #8
'33 Earthquake #9
'33 Earthquake #10
'33 Earthquake #11 (Imperial Theater on Ocean Boulevard)